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  01 December 2020
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About us

Sárkány Informatics Co. is an individual ICT SME owned by Hungarian private persons, which was established in 1993. Our company is dedicated to automatic identification such as barcodes, smart cards, and contactless (RFID, NFC) technology. We’ve a wide expert network in the CEE region and 2 daughter companies in Romania and Ukraine.

In the past 10 years our company has become the market leading developer team in Intelligent Data Acquisition Systems and MIFARE standard applications; our experts were participated in different system developments, such as social benefits accounting, electronic ticketing, access controlling, discounts and payment solutions.

We are strategic partner for the Hungarian Post Office, more than 20 local governments and we have the longest story with Zebra barcode system in the Central and Eastern European Region (CEE). Moreover, the first industrial barcode printer management system was designed by our executives back in 1990.

With more than 20 years expertise in web based application development, barcodes, smart cards, RFID, NFC techniques, our main endeavor is to provide internationally accepted solutions and services with a suitable price for the partners. We strive to provide cost saving solutions, paperless and remote applications, serving the sustainable development.

We also have experience in clustering as we established the Smart Region Innovation Cluster which aims to develop and provide IT services for the people who work, live or just spend their leisure time in the Central -Carpathian Region, which may improve their quality of life. The cluster also tests eco-conscious innovations in the region and provides them to both national and international markets The cluster includes small and multinational companies and a university as well.

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