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  22 October 2020
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magnetic stripe reader(track2) with USB interface
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Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
Standard Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

- Comply with ISO and JIS standards
- 300,000 passes head (1,000,000 passes head available)
- Interface: PS/2, RS-232 or USB available
- Easy Configuration via DIP Switches
- Dimension: 161 mm (L) x 44 mm (W) x 42 mm (H)

Tysso Decoded Magstripe Card Readers are compact sized magnetic stripe card reader with optional 17 and 9.65 cm length and 3.22 cm height - this is almost the smallest decoded magnetic stripe card reader in the industry. 

Designed with low power Mask IC and single-chip microprocessor technology, the TMSR Magstripe reader not only provide superior reading performance, but also guarantee the magnetic components can last more than 300,000 passes / swipes.  Further more, we are able to make the special version that will last 1 million passes upon customer's request.
The TMSR/MSR swipe card reader can be equipped with keyboard wedge (PS/2), RS-232 (Serial), or USB interface.  The device configuration can be done via optional dip switch (MSR series) or Win32 configuration utility (MMSR/TMSR series)
A magnetic card reader's decoder is able to read either the ISO or JIS-II(Japanese) standards, however, we are able to combine ISO and JIS-II reading capability into one decoder chip to make the  dual standard combo Magstripe reader possible.
The swipe reader with Keyboard Wedge interface can be attached to a computer via the standard computer keyboard, the built-in keyboard wedge decoder is capable to read the row TTL analog signal and translate it into the keyboard emulation signal, so that the MSR series Swipe Card Reader with keyboard wedge or USB interface is fully Plug&Play - (No software driver is needed) since its input to the Computer screen is exactly the same as whatever you have typed on a PC keyboard.

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